Environmental Defense Protocol System



What is the skin's protective barrier? The barrier function is a scientific term for the outermost layer of your skin, responsible for keeping moisture in and damaging elements (like UV and free radicals) out. When the barrier function is working well, skin is hydrated, plump, and firm. Blue light is what is being emitted from your electronics (TV, phone, computer). In addition, 10% of the sun’s rays are blue light. Blue light penetrates deep into the skin and triggers oxidative stress that contributes to short and long term skin aging including hyperpigmentation and wrinkling.
Environmental Defense Protocol ~ Photo-aging is at an all-time high due to concentrated blue light energy from our modern day technologies. Long-term exposure to blue light energy has been shown to cause skin damage, including changes in pigment, inflammation, and weakening of the skin’s protective barrier. Strengthen and protect the skin’s protective barrier from these blue light stressors which are causing photo-aging. System contains: Kale Cleanser, Restorative Toner, Hydration Creme and Probiotic Masque.

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